Scarborough RIPS Mika, Goes Off On Clinton Scandal Coverage Compared To Other Political Crimes

Al Weaver Reporter
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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough let loose Tuesday, blasting his “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski for giving the Clinton’s favorable treatment compared to other politicians involved in crimes.

During an interview with “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer in which Brzezinski questioned the point of the book if there is no “evidence of illegality,” a switch flipped inside the former Florida Congressman. Scarborough ripped his co-host for not realizing that if the allegations in “Clinton Cash” are true, they “pale in comparison” to crimes committed by former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and corruption charges currently facing. New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez.

BRZEZINSKI: To my next point then, you say, of even greater concern, this is the setup for the whole book, is that foreign policy players giving money to the Clintons include foreign countries like Russia, India and United Arab Emirates, where there is major foreign policy issues at stake. There is nothing clearly illegal about these payments, but their source, size and timing raise serious questions.

Your book is questions. I just wonder how does that not be interpreted as clearly political? There’s nothing here that’s evidence of illegality.

SCHWEIZER: I don’t think the standard at NBC News or any news organization would be we only report things when we have evidence of illegality. I think if you see a pattern of behavior –.

BRZEZINSKI: But I can question the timing of your book. She just announced a run for president.

SCHWEIZER: Yes. this book has been in the works more than a year. So I did not certainly coordinate this with her launch of her campaign. What I’m saying is that I began this investigation last year because you have an unprecedented situation that the Obama administration recognized. This is why they signed….

SCARBOROUGH: I haven’t said anything. I’m going to jump in here. I don’t get this. I’ll be really honest. I’m looking around here and I don’t get this. I’m certainly — I mean if Peter’s been reckless, go ahead and say he’s been reckless. But I worked with guys in Congress that went golfing like one or two times in Ireland and then six months later put a bill on the floor of the House and they went to jail, and we’re sitting here going, wait a second, wait, now maybe he just got paid three times the amount. Maybe Belarus or telecom companies or maybe this — come on. We’re not naive babes in the woods. And I know you’re playing this game. You’re ‘I’m going to be a tough professional journalism,’ and that’s really awesome. But Mika — Bob McDonnell. Let’s look at what Bob McDonnell. What Bob McDonnell did pales in comparison to what’s in this book.

What Bob McDonnell did pales in comparison to this book. The Clintons have made $150 million over the past decade because of contacts they made during public service. I will sit back and let you ask the tough questions. I’m just curious, though, why aren’t the Clintons held to a standard that Bob McDonnell’s not held to. That Bob Menendez is not held to. That all of these congressmen that get thrown into jail for going on a — going to a Redskins game or going on a golf trip, compare to $150 million.

The golfing trips your friends in Congress who were called out — who called them out on that and held them accountable?

What do you mean? The Justice Department did.

It wasn’t Peter Schweizer, it was the Justice Department.

Oh, no no, no, no. No, no, no. Wait, are you saying that news — that newspapers and reporters shouldn’t — shouldn’t go out and report on this? Because I’ll tell you, when Peter Schweizer was talking about Congress insider trading we had him on the set, ‘great job, way to go, you’re great, you’ve called this out.’ 60 Minutes had him on there, ‘great job.’ But it’s the Clintons and suddenly, oh my god, let’s bow down before Bill and Hillary because if we ask the same questions of them that we ask of every other politician, then oh my god, we have crossed a line. It’s like that part in Indiana Jones where you cross the line and the rock comes after you because you dared crossed the Clintons’, who made $150 million while dudes get thrown in jail for going on a golf trip in Ireland and the weather probably even sucked. So I don’t really understand the shock and awe here.

[h/t: Free Beacon]