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Chris Hayes, Ta-Nehisi Coates To Discuss The Burden Of Being ‘Smart In Primetime’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Maybe MSNBC host Chris Hayes is so talented that we just can’t grasp it yet. “I think it’s great that MSNBC has allowed Chris Hayes’ probationary period to go on for so long,” said a Mirror source.

In two weeks, he’ll no doubt show off his complex vocabulary and his Mexican jumping bean demeanor when he sits alongside The Atlantic‘s national correspondent Ta-Nehisi Coates at the City University of New York, where their smarts will actively be on display.

Seriously, they are going to discuss — I kid you not — the challenge of being smart in primetime.

Will they even be able to contain themselves?

“Anybody can just take his failure and pass it off as brilliance,” remarked Patrick Howley, a self-loathing D.C. insider.

Come on, don’t hate these guys for being so smart.

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