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GONE GIRL?! Reports Say Aaron Schock Could Be Missing

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Like a scene out of Gone Girl, reports surfaced Thursday wondering if ex-lawmaker Aaron Schock has gone missing.

The Illinois Republican lawmaker left Congress under a dark cloud of scandal that began with news of his office being redecorated to look like “Downton Abbey” and moved on to far more serious allegations of improper use of campaign funds.

Keep in mind, this is the Associated Press reporting this. Not OK or Star Magazines.

The AP wrote, “Where is Aaron Schock?”

A lawyer representing a campaign donor suing the ex-lawmaker told a federal judge that he can’t find Schock.

His last tweet was on March 15 when he ran a picture of himself working the “chow line” at the Illinois Farm Bureau.

The gay site Queerty chose a flattering shirtless picture of Schock to accompany its story. “Schock has disappeared so completely that even process servers can’t find him,” the site reports. “…The disappearance is particularly ironic given Schock’s previous proclivity to post pictures of himself in exotic locales, preferably in poses that show off his athletic prowess and well-waxed chest.”

Even the Chicago Sun Times went with a picture of Schock in an unbuttoned shirt that allowed readers to see his buff chest. The newspaper has no idea where Schock is.

In Gone Girl, the wife disappears and paints a bleak picture that makes it seem like she’s dead. She leaves a trail of evidence pointing to her husband as the murderer.

As he still faces a federal investigation, Schock’s Peoria home is now allegedly empty.

The AP emailed a Schock spokesperson but there was no reply.