Fournier On Hillary: Someone On The Left Will ‘Give Her A Scare’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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National Journal columnist Ron Fournier remarked on “Mediabuzz” Sunday that Hillary Clinton will get a scare from someone on the political left during her 2016 primary campaign.

The columnist made the point following Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ entrance into race, who will likely try to drag Clinton to the left on a myriad of issues.

HOWARD KURTZ: Now she’s got a nominal opponent in Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders jumping into the race, getting some attention. Is the press going to build him up because we desperately want some kind of contest on the Democratic side?

RON FOURNIER: We talk about our bias, our biggest bias, is her conflicts. Yeah, we want a contest. Democrats in Iowa want a contest. Democrats in New Hampshire want a contest for their reasons. So any glimmer of a fight, especially from the left, which is where she’s vulnerable, we’ll seize on.

KURTZ: Despite the fact that he’s a zillion points down and that Bernie Sanders is not going to be our next president?

FOURNIER: He’s never going to be president. But there will come a time, I think, in this primary season, where Hillary Clinton will look like she’s not invulnerable. She’s going to be the nominee I think. She has a very good chance of being president, but there will be a time when she’s a lot more scared than she realizes she’s going to be and that we think she can be. Someone’s going to give her a scare.