Washington Post Places Blame For Garland Shooting On The Intended Victims

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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A Washington Post article written in the wake of the terrorist attack in Garland, Texas openly wonders why “Event organizer offers no apology after thwarted attack in Texas,” saying organizer Pamela Geller “knew what she was doing” by drawing Mohammad. (RELATED: Washington Post Wonders If Ted Cruz Is Eligible To Be President)

“Pamela Geller, the woman behind the Texas cartoon contest attacked by two gunmen late Sunday, knew what she was doing when she staged the controversial event featuring irreverent depictions of the prophet Muhammad in Garland,” writes Washington Post social change reporter Sandhya Somashekhar.

The article labels Geller’s anti-Islam organization a “hate group,” and Geller herself a “provocateur” who uses “inflammatory” rhetoric. “If the contest was intended as bait,” Somashekhar writes, “it worked.”

“The shooting has been condemned by Muslim leaders, and Geller, too, has come under fire for staging an event many viewed as purposely provocative,” Somashekhar continues. At another point, the social change reporter says that “Geller appeared almost gleeful” after the attack on Twitter, but doesn’t cite any of the supposedly “gleeful” tweets.

Geller penned an article in response, satirically entitled “JFK offers no apology after Lee Harvey Oswald shoots him in the head,” and taking the Post to task. “I offer no apology?” she wrote. “What apology exactly do I owe for almost being murdered?” (RELATED: A Dozen Parisians Dead: RADICAL MUSLIMS Hit Hardest, Says New York Times)

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