Mika Brzezinski: Hillary Has ‘Lost the Ability’ To Be Transparent With Voters [VIDEO]

Al Weaver | Reporter

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski remarked Wednesday that Hillary Clinton has “lost the ability to be completely transparent” after scrubbing more than 30,000 emails from her private server.

Brzezinski, who has been a consistent critic of the former secretary of state’s email practices, made the remarks to co-host Joe Scarborough on the MSNBC morning show.

“We’ll never learn if she’s telling — I mean, there’s no way to prove or disprove any of these questions,” Brzezinski said initially. “I wish she had not scrubbed the server because, if nothing went wrong, she’s lost the opportunity to be completely transparent.”

“She didn’t scrub the server by accident,” co-host Joe Scarborough told Brzezinski.


[Hat tip: Mediaite]

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