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Jessica Valenti Is A Nosy Creep

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If you don’t know who Jessica Valenti is, well, she’s a feminist. That’s all she ever talks about and it’s her entire identity. Even if you do know who she is, you might not know how gross and problematic she is.

By her own admission:

Passive sexism, meet active stalking.

Imagine this deeply disturbed woman spying on you on the subway and then, on the basis of a few minutes’ proximity with you, branding you an agent of her own personal boogeyman. (Emphasis on the man.) Then she tells the whole world about it.

What’s next, Jessica? Tapping people’s phones for evidence of their “passive sexism”? Sounds like we need to set up a new government agency to combat this menace. Call it the Bureau Overseeing Surveillance of Suspicious Y-chromosomes, or BOSSY. That badge would look terrific on you.

The feminists have won, but their whole worldview falls apart if they’re not the victims. So they have to go to greater and more ridiculous lengths to paint themselves as such. But then, if they had a sense of shame, they wouldn’t be feminists.

We’ve gone way beyond microaggressions now. Offending somebody who doesn’t like what she sees while looking over your shoulder is a nanoaggression.

I’ll leave the last word to my friend Lisa, a traitor to womynkind:

(Hat tip: Twitchy)