Rubio On Hillary: America ‘Cannot Afford Another Eight Years Of A Soap Opera’

Al Weaver Reporter
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Following up a major address to the Council on Foreign Relations, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio went on the offensive against Hillary Clinton Wednesday night.

In an appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor,” the 2016 candidate took direct aim at the former secretary of state, saying America doesn’t “need any drama in the White House,” adding that the nation “cannot afford another eight years of a soap opera.”

“Look, we don’t need any drama in the White House at this incredible hinge moment in our history,” Rubio told host Bill O’Reilly. “You’re going to vote back in the White House two people who been — everywhere they go bring drama with them? This country cannot afford another eight years of a soap opera.”

“Her time as secretary of state is now filled with drama because of the email scandal,” Rubio told O’Reilly when asked what Clinton should be pressed on. “The foundation is filled with drama because of ties between the foundation and business deals.”

“At the end of the day Americans see it for what it is: they understand that we are in a time of extraordinary uncertainty about our future, what kind of country are we going to be?” Rubio asked rhetorically. “We cannot afford to have drama in the White House.”

Rubio also called for America to bring upon “transformation leadership,” pointing to a return to the 20th century when “America was the very best country in the world.”

“For much of the 20th century, America was the very best country in the world. Some very basic promises. We were the most powerful nation on earth, but we had an economy that told you if you work hard in this country, you may not be rich, you will own a home, raise your family, take vacations…Now it doesn’t exist anymore for millions of people and everyone is wondering why. Why don’t the old way of doing things work anymore? The answer is because the world, our economy and the world has rapidly transformed. We need transformational leadership.”