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Ed Schultz Testi-lies About Obama Lunches

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Either Ed Schultz and Phil Griffin are humongous liars or Schultz and President Obama are communicating through some kind of Vulcan mind meld.

In his deposition for the Schultz lawsuit, Griffin, who is President of MSNBC, testified that he recruited the behemoth broadcaster after seeing him question Obama at his debut presidential press conference.

That proved a fabrication.

On Friday, Schultz admitted under cross-examination by Catfish Abbott that he did not ask any questions.

Perhaps determined to yet again regale the jurors he mistakes for his TV audience, Schultz volunteered that he and Obama are buds. They even chowed down together on multiple occasions.

“I have talked to the President,” he insisted. “I’ve had lunch with him half a dozen times.”

But White House visitor logs, which generally use legal names, list only one “press lunch” for “Edward A. Schultz” with Obama. It was Schultz and seven other folks on December 10, 2010.

Schultz and nine other people entered the White House on December 4, 2012 for an unspecified meeting with Obama.

To be sure, Schultz did meet the President on at least three other occasions presumably involving food.

Real intimate affairs: it was just the Prez, Schultz and 653 other people on December 7, 2011. 499 plus Schultz on December 11, 2012; 723 other people tagged along when Schultz met his BFF on December 18, 2013.

These were apparently White House Christmas parties. Although given the bizzare-o world of the Schultz lawsuit and trial, they could have been EST meetings, the much-ridiculed popular 1970s consciousness-raising gatherings.

Regardless, the sum total relevant to Schultz’s testimony is one lunch, maybe two.

Let’s do a Vox-like chart for readers with short attention spans.

1≠ 6
2 ≠ 6

Friendly advice for Schultz: if you feel compelled to lie under oath, then say something which can’t be refuted with a quick Google search.

Courtroom sketch of Ed Schultz by The Daily Caller’s Vanessa Webb.