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Is George Stephanopoulos A Journalist?

Well, of course not. He’s a shill for the Democrats, just as he’s always been. A lot of us have known it ever since ABC hired him, and yet nothing was done. On the contrary, ABC kept promoting him, until he’s now their public face. Obviously, he thought he could do anything he wanted. He thought he was bulletproof.

Here’s another armor-piercing round for ya, George:


Now, some of this might be sour grapes. Carole Simpson is no longer at ABC News, and maybe there’s some bad blood there. That’s probably Team Hillary’s angle. Or… maybe Simpson actually cares about her profession, and she doesn’t like seeing a Democratic Party hack like Stephanopoulos making them all look bad?

Either way, that’s gotta hurt.

Here’s a must-read from Kevin D. Williamson: Stephanopoulos Has Got to Go. “ABC News owes it to itself to live up to at least the standards of a small-town weekly newspaper.”

I doubt they’ll go that far. Firing him would be an implicit admission that it was a mistake to hire him in the first place. Maybe they’ll surprise us, but I figure they’ll hunker down and keep churning out meticulously parsed pseudo-apologies until the whole thing blows over.

That’s how corporations manage crises, right? At least that’s what I’m told by… journalists.

(Hat tip: the guys who broke the damn story)