Sean O’Sullivan Gets First Win Of Year, Subsequently Pegged In The Throat For His Efforts [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

Baseball is an extremely fickle mistress.

Sometimes, even if you play well, your team doesn’t come out on top, and vice versa.

Take, for example, Sean O’Sullivan. Last week, we saw the Phillies pitcher make a spectacular, bare-handed catch but get saddled with a loss against the Pittsburgh Pirates. (RELATED: This Bare-Handed Catch Was Definitely The Highlight Of Phillies Pitcher’s Day)

Fast forward to his most recent start; O’Sullivan picked up his first win of the year — he tossed six innings of shutout ball — but was pegged in the throat by his catcher in the process. (RELATED: Phillies Fan Steals Home Run From Sweet, Old Lady Because… Well… Philadelphia)


Like Dave Matthews once said, baseball’s, “funny the way it is, when you think about it.”


[Hat tip: Deadspin]

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