Graham Hits Rand, Again: Hillary Would ‘Tear Him Apart’ On Foreign Policy [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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One day after he announced his 2016 candidacy, Sen. Lindsey Graham continued his feud with Sen. Rand Paul, saying Tuesday that Hillary Clinton would “tear him apart” on foreign policy issues if he won the GOP nomination.

Appearing on “The Lead” with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Graham said that while he and Paul do agree on many domestic issues, they are “worlds apart” on foreign policy issues. The South Carolina senator made the comment when pressed by Tapper on the divide between the two senators on the expiration of the Patriot Act.

TAPPER: If this issue is so important to you, and Rand Paul is so opposite and contrary to your viewpoint, as you’ve made it clear. If it came down to Rand Paul versus Hillary Clinton, who is, for a Democrat, rather hawkish, why would you go with Rand Paul? It seems like Hillary Clinton and you are much more closely aligned on this issue that is so important to you?

PAUL: Well I would vote for the nominee of my party because they will have been able to prove fellow Republicans that their view was right. That’s not a dilemma I’m going to face, but Rand Paul and I actually agree on a lot of domestic issues like saving Social Security and Medicare. But on foreign policy, we’re worlds apart. If he did get the nomination, I think she would be able to tear him apart because his view of foreign policy is one step behind leading from behind. At the end of the day the average American sees radical Islam as a threat much greater than the NSA.