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Quote of the Day:

“I love my commenters and anyone a left-wing troll comes on to attack me, they immediately swarm and defend my honor. They’ve become like my family except I don’t hate them.”

Patrick Howley, reporter, The Daily Caller, on whether a reporter ought to read his or her commenters.

What’s the best sandwich Kurt Bardella has ever eaten? 

“The best sandwich I have ever had is the dutch-crunch/ham/swiss sandwich at #vineburg deli in #sonoma.” — Washington publicist Kurt Bardella.

Advice to reporters from National Journal‘s Ron Fournier

“Nothing wrong with a PR job. But if you’re a reporter, don’t let PR people do your job.” — National Journal‘s Ron Fournier.

Author gets threatened

“This past week was physically threatened for first time in my journalism career. Was via phone, obviously. Guy didn’t see my physique.” — NYT bestselling author Jeff Pearlman.

The Observer 

“Someone called you by a pronoun you don’t like? I missed when that became akin to physical abuse.” —  Bethany Mandel, freelance writer, The Federalist, Commentary.


“People say seats on planes have got too tight, but I just took a poll & at least half the people on my lap can’t answer due to crushed lungs.” —Caleb Howe, contributing editor, RedState.

Real Daily Beast headline

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Travel Bitches

“Screening in Frankfurt Airport: attractive man and woman eye each other flirtatiously as TSA officials feel them up. No, really. #So70s” — Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) Washington Bureau Chief Ron Kampeas.


“Sometimes I wonder if high school acquaintances might be fascinated by my Facebook as I am with theirs and then I remember that I am boring.” — HuffPost‘s Elise Foley.

ISIS is not what you think (at least in Washington) 

As observed by Roll Call’s Meredith Dake in a Politico story by Nick Gass.

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