Hillary’s Va. Speech Plagued By ‘Crazy’ Hotel Booking Conflict With Police

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic Party of Virginia’s annual fundraising dinner this Saturday is beset by a “crazy” scheduling conflict and the organizer is unsure whether Clinton will even engage with the paying guests or if she will just speak on stage with no personal interaction.

Despite the scheduling concerns, the Democratic Party organizer of the event assured this reporter — posing as a potential dinner guest named “Patrick Howley” — that it could be a ripe opportunity for an extramarital hookup.

Clinton is set to speak at the Democratic Party of Virginia’s 2015 Jefferson Jackson Dinner at the Patriot Center at George Mason University on Saturday June 6.

But the dinner is up against a “crazy” big athletic event called the World Police and Firefighter Games, which features cops and firefighters from all over the world. The scheduling snafoo recalls Clinton’s ill-advised choice to hold her June 13 campaign announcement speech on Roosevelt Island on the same exact date as the Roosevelt Island Day holiday, inconveniencing residents and tourists alike.

“I know all about it,” Jamie, a self-identified Terry McAuliffe employee and the organizer of the dinner, said of the athletic competition when I complained that it was hard to get a room. “It’s crazy how big this police and firefighter thing is. Yeah I know all about that.”

“It’s kind of confusing but yeah because of that event all of the hotels are booked up,” Jamie said, noting that the Democratic Party still has 15 rooms available each at the Marriott, the Comfort Inn, and the Best Western. But due to the police and firefighter-related booking conflict, the hotels will only give Democrats a room if they mention the party. Otherwise, they’ll be told that the hotels are booked.

“I don’t know, this is the first time they’ve ever done the police and firefighter Olympics ever in history,” Jamie said, flummoxed. “They’ve never done that event before and of course that event has never been coupled with Hillary Clinton being in town before.”

The World Police and Fire Games has actually been held 15 times dating back to 1985, with the sixteenth event occurring in Virginia Saturday.

I explained that my “wife” was having trouble booking a room, and Jamie offered to speak to my wife personally to clear up any concerns before offering me contact information for the hotels.

“I understand that everybody has their own opinion,” Jamie said when I told her that I felt uncomfortable about staying in a hotel alongside police officers because I have political disagreements with the police.

As for the event itself, it’s going to be big due to Clinton’s presence, but don’t count on face time with the candidate.

“It’s different than years past. This year, since Hillary Clinton is our speaker we want to make it as big as possible,” Jamie said, noting that the party is offering general-admission tickets at a rate between $30 and $40 in addition to more expensive tickets of over $100. There are no assigned seats and only the pricier ticket holders get food.

“I’m not quite sure of that. I know she will be speaking on stage,” Jamie said when asked if Clinton would be mingling with the crowd and interacting with guests.

I then asked if the Democratic event, what with the sociable atmosphere and the hotel accommodations, would be a good place to “meet someone.”

“I would think so,” Jamie said, knowing full well that my character is married. “I’m not quite sure. I’m not quite sure,” she added with a coy laugh.

I declined to give Jamie my last name for her records and the conversation came to an end.

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