Abby Lee Miller Loses 8 Pant Sizes In Non-Traditional Way

Chloe Stevenson Contributor
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While Abby Lee Miller spends most of her time dedicated to teaching extremely talented children some complex dance routines, it’s about time she got a little recognition. Not for her teachings but weight loss!

Miller, best known for owning Abby Lee Dance Company and for her leading role in Lifetime’s reality show “Dance Mom,” has dropped an astounding 8 sizes starting with a size 24 down to her current size, 16.

E! News reports that Miller thanks her loss to not dieting or exercise but to her diabetes diagnosis from 2014. When asked to appear on other Lifetime series “Diabetes Medication,” Miller flew down under to begin the filming in Australia.


As it turns out, her diabetes prescription was due for a refill while Miller was in Australia. This is where the drastic weight loss began. According to E! News, the prescription was different than the one she was used to receiving in the States. The new medication caused Miller to become so ill she acquaints it to “having the flu” and says it “was like I had food poisoning.”

If Abby Lee Miller does intend to go further with this weight loss idea, she will have to take it one step further than just changing her diabetes prescription. She recognizes she has “a long, long way to go.”