BREAKING: NCAA Charges University Of North Carolina With Five Level 1 Violations

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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After a lengthy investigation pertaining to academic fraud at the University of North Carolina, the NCAA has charged the school with five major rule violations.

All five violations were labeled Level 1, and indicate a “severe breach of conduct” on the part of the school.

According to ESPN, “the charges include providing improper benefits in the form of counselors making “special arrangements” with staffers in the formerly named African and Afro-American Studies department to offer courses or obtain assignments for athletes, as well as a counselor working with the women’s basketball program providing improper help on research papers.”

University Chancellor Carol L. Folt addressed the allegations — which UNC received notice of on May 20, 2015 — in a statement released Thursday:

We take the allegations the NCAA made about past conduct very seriously. This is the next step in a defined process, and we are a long way from reaching a conclusion. We will respond to the notice using facts and evidence to present a full picture of our case. Although we may identify some instances in the NCAA¹s notice where we agree and others where we do not, we are committed to continue pursuing a fair and just outcome for Carolina.

We believe the University has done everything possible to address the academic irregularities that ended in 2011 and prevent them from recurring. We have implemented more than 70 reforms and initiatives to ensure and enhance academic integrity. We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of those measures and, wherever needed, put additional safeguards in place.

After the University submits its response to the NCAA about the notice, it also will be posted on the Carolina Commitment website. The University can only comment about NCAA process and policies; it cannot comment on the substance of the case until its completion.

The University declined The Daily Caller’s request for an additional comment.

This is a developing situation. Check back for updates.

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