FIFA’s $29 Million Movie ‘United Passions’ Makes $607 During Opening Weekend

Philip DeVoe Contributor
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The FIFA-funded film United Passions cost nearly $30 million to make, yet only made $607 in its opening weekend, according to the The Hollywood Reporter. The movie, which is a biopic of embattled ex-FIFA president Sepp Blatter, was released in 10 theaters around the U.S.

Ticket prices for FIFA’s first attempt at producing a film were $9 at most theaters, and only about 67 people saw the film in cities such as Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New York and Miami. The Phoenix premier attracted one viewer, grossing a pitiful $9.

The movie’s failure is likely due in part to America’s widespread disinterest in soccer, but could also be attributed to recent allegations about mismanagement of money and illegal activity in the international soccer organization, especially surrounding Blatter, the focus of the movie.

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Bloomberg reported that overseas sales did not fare much better. The grand total for the movie in European cities was $178,000 total since it was released last year, which is still incredibly low for a movie tabbed at $29 million.