MSNBC Host Asks If Republicans Secretly Want Obamacare To Survive Supreme Court [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell asked White House communications chief Jen Psaki Tuesday whether Republicans in Congress were actually worried Obamacare would be crippled by the Supreme Court in King v. Burwell, because of how popular Obamacare subsidies are. (VIDEO: MSNBC Reporter Asks Miss Piggy If She’s Pro-Choice )

MITCHELL: The president, the second day in a row he’s talking about health care. And this speech today, a very detailed defense of the health care law. Is it your analysis now, as some are saying, that Republican members of Congress even are concerned that the Supreme Court will invalidate the subsidies and that they will then have to deal with a very popular part of the health care law, the 6.4 million people who now depend on the subsidies.

PSAKI: You’re right, Andrea. One in three uninsured Americans are now covered. And the fact is, people across the country are experiencing the benefits of this health care law. So it becomes more challenge willing when people in your state are saying, ‘Well wait a second, we now are not getting charged for preexisting conditions, because I’m a woman I’m not going to be charged more, I can make sure that my child or my mother has health care coverage.’ That makes it more challenging.


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