Florida Church Calls Gay Boy Scout Leaders Predators

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Gay boy scout leaders are being called predatory by a controversial Florida church.

The neon marquee outside the Congregational Church in Nokomis, Florida alternates a series of messages including, “Gay Scout Leaders are Like  . . . ” followed by the picture of a fox wolfishly eyeing a baby chick just inches away.

Next to the picture are the words, “Well You Know.”

Gay activists are livid that the church signs call their brethren foxy.

“It is ill-informed uneducated and doing a disservice to our community,” Sarasota Pride member Jeanie Keenan griped to a local television station, calling church pastor K.C. McKay a “hate monger.”

McKay told The Daily Caller that he put the signs up because Boy Scouts of America president and former defense secretary Robert Gates last month called for the organization to allow openly gay scout leaders, which he believes places boys in danger. He hopes to convince them to keep the current ban in place.

“I wanted the homosexual community to have a conscience. We know these kids are being preyed upon,” he contended. “My main concern is for the protection of children across the country. There have been numerous occasions of kids being preyed upon. You really need to consider why someone would be a leader.  Don’t put kids in jeopardy.”

McKay emphasized that he loves gays just like he does all “sinners.”

The pastor is no stranger to controversy. In 2006, a sign displayed outside the church said in block letters, “Muslims Can Convert to Christianity Here!”