Marco Rubio Raises $100K After New York Times Stories

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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The New York Times’ somewhat overstated reporting on Marco Rubio’s troubled finances has helped the Republican presidential candidate rake in $100,000 in campaign donations.

the Times was criticized for its characterization of Rubio’s fairly standard fishing boat as a “luxury speedboat.” A week earlier, the Times was also criticized for publishing a story on the fact that Rubio got four traffic tickets in the span of two decades. (RELATED: Surprise! NYT’s Embarrassing Rubio Hit Piece Came From Democratic Super PAC)

Politico’s Mike Allen reports Wednesday morning that “the Rubio campaign attributes $100,000 in online fundraising in the past five days to a backlash against NYT articles about Rubio’s driving record and personal finances.”

“Last week the New York Times attacked Marco for getting four traffic tickets in seventeen years. This week they attacked him again for taking out student loans to get through college, just as most American college students do,” reads Rubio’s fundraising appeal. “Help Marco fight back against the elitist liberal media.”

At the current rate, the Times will have to publish 498 similar stories before Rubio makes the same amount of money that the Clinton Foundation took from Saudi Arabia.

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