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Quote of the Day:

“My fucking headlines r best.”

— former presidential hopeful Roseanne Barr.

Lede of the Day:

“Just before his election as House speaker in 1999, Dennis Hastert spearheaded legislation to prevent use of the Internet to encourage sexual acts with children. As he often did, Hastert invoked his personal history ‘as a father and a person who has dealt with public schools for a long time’ to urge passage.” — Story by Politico‘s Josh Gerstein.

Headline of the Day:

(From New York Magazine)

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 2.09.23 PM

Runner up: (From Mother Jones)

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 2.25.48 PM

Second runner up: (From The Daily Beast)

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 2.29.40 PM

Farhad’s media diet

“Today I read one Business Insider story about what someone heard on a podcast and another about what someone read in product reviews.” — NYT‘s Farhad Manjoo.

Confessional: WaPo social media guy can’t grow a beard

“All these trend pieces about grey hair hotness and beards being out make me glad I never changed who I am. Also I can’t grow beards.” — Gene Park, who handles social media for WaPo.

Kurt Eichenwald bludgeons NYT and Politico 

“Coming up next in @nytimes political exposes: @marcorubio buys luxury shirts at Nordstrom rather than second hand stuff from a thrift store!” — Kurt Eichenwald, contributing editor, Vanity Fair, and a senior writer at Newsweek.

“More proof that the White House press corps has its hand on the pulse of truly important news that affects the world.” — making fun of a Politico story on a story on President Obama not having a pack of cigarettes in his hand.

Journalist doesn’t miss D.C. (but his grammar stinks) 

“There will may [sic] come a day that I wax nostalgic for DC, but this week has indefinitely postponed that day.” — Salon political editor Luke Brinker.

On the NBA Finals…

“I couldn’t dunk, but if I ever did I don’t think I could land. That’s where they get you.” — Tim Murphy, senior reporter, Mother Jones.

“The sneakers are less squeaky than usual.” — The Washington Examiner‘s Jim Antle.

The Observer

“Bruce Jenner is a guy, you guys.” — The Daily Caller‘s Jim Treacher.

Capitol Hill political coverage can be fascinating

“’Once a year, I have a Coca Cola,’ Pelosi told Dem caucus this morning, holding the drink up. ‘And today, I needed a drink’ #trade” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein.

On overall fashion…

“What’s it like to be chic enough to pull off overalls in 2015?” — Politico flack Lauren Edmonds.