Colts Raise 2014 ‘AFC Finalist’ Banner [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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In an all-time low, the Indianapolis Colts raised an “AFC Finalist” Banner at Lucas Oil Stadium, commemorating their participation in the 2015 AFC Championship Game.

Sure, 2015 was the team’s most successful season under quarterback-of-the-future, Andrew Luck, but it also ended in absolute disaster: a LeGarrette Blount-led38-point dismantling that sent them crying to league offices. (RELATED: NFL Suspends Tom Brady For Not Bending The Knee During Deflategate Investigation) 

No matter your views on Tom Brady and the Patriots, you can’t deny that this …

… is softer than baby food.

Is this really the type of success that gets celebrated in 2015?

Next thing you know, players that get cut out of mini-camp will be handed participation medals and orange slices on their way out the door. Oh, and if the Colts thought that this would somehow slow down the Pats when they travel to Indy in Week 6 next season — which, by the way, happens to be Brady’s first game back from his suspension — they’ve got another thing coming.



[Hat tips: NBC and Fansided]

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