Glenn Beck: Trump Is ‘Not A Conservative. He Is A Progressive’ [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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During his Wednesday radio program, conservative radio host Glenn Beck warned his listeners against Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy, saying he is “a progressive” and “not a conservative.”

Beck’s opposition to Trump comes after fellow conservative radio giants Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin spoke optimistically about Trump’s presidential run. Limbaugh said Wednesday that Trump’s message will “resonate” with voters, while Levin had the real estate mogul on his show after his announcement and gave him high marks for “talking up America.” (RELATED: Limbaugh: Trump’s 2016 Message ‘Is Gonna Resonate With A Lot Of People’)

“He is what you see on television. He is consistently that guy. And that guy is funny, and that guy is smart, but that guy is not the guy I want running the presidency of the United States,” Beck explained. “Especially me. I believe the most qualified person, if he’s arrogant, is the last person that should be in the office.”

“I want a guy who is so humbled by that office that he is broken and he is down on his knees begging for help. And he understands that it is a blessing to be there. ‘I am certainly not qualified, but if I am called I will be qualified,’ and that’s what I’m looking for,” Beck said. “Not a guy who says, ‘Look, I am incredibly wealthy, and just because I’m walking into the room, I’ll fix it,’ because we already have that guy.”

“Now, I don’t think Donald Trump is Barack Obama by any stretch of the imagination. But Donald Trump is a progressive. He’s not a conservative,” Beck said. “He is a progressive, and you can prove that by the things that he believes in. A progressive believes in high tariffs. A progressives believes the government is the answer. Donald Trump has shown time and time again he believes the government is the problem, and if it is run properly, it is the answer. That’s what a progressive believes.”

“You tell me if this sounds like George Washington or a president that you would be comfortable representing you in the world,” Beck said before playing clips of Trump boasting about his wealth and personal importance.