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Former NYT TV Reporter Bill Carter Joins CNN

Former NYT TV reporter and author Bill Carter is joining CNN. He left the print publication in December as part of a buyout. He worked there for 25 years.

At the time, he told HuffPost that his decision to leave was a “wrenching and agonizing process.” Apparently the buyout was too good to pass up.

CNN released a statement Friday announcement that Carter will be a contributor and will offer “reporting, analysis and commentary on top media stories” and will reunite with his old NYT media colleague Brian Stelter.

Besides reporting about TV, Carter wrote four books, including The Late Shift, Desperate Networks, and The War for Late Night.

The release states that before the NYT, Carter was the TV critic for the Baltimore Sun for 14 years. He was at the NYT since 1989.

Carter made his first appearance as a CNN contributor Friday morning on “New Day.” He’ll appear on “Reliable Sources” with Stelter on Sunday.