Hillary Clinton Chides America For Racism, Lives In Town With 1.9 Percent Black Population

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton characterized the United States as racist and lamented what she described as a troubling increase in racial segregation in modern-day America in a speech on Saturday.

“As a mother, a grandmother, and a human being, my heart is bursting for the people of Charleston,” Clinton said in remarks delivered at the 83rd Annual Meeting of the United States Conference of Mayors, currently happening in San Francisco.

“Once again, racist rhetoric has metastasized into racist violence,” she said, referring to the acts of Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old man who has reportedly confessed to to murdering nine people at a black church in Charleston, S.C. on Wednesday.

“In America today, blacks are nearly three times as likely as whites to be denied a mortgage. Our schools are more segregated than they were in the 1960s,” Clinton said.

“We must address these issues as a nation, and we must also address them as individuals,” the Democrat insisted. “Cruel jokes can’t go unchallenged, offhand comments about not wanting ‘those people’ in the neighborhood can’t be ignored, and news reports about poverty and crime and discrimination can’t just evoke our sympathy — even empathy — they must also spur us to action and prompt us to question our own assumptions and privilege.”

Clinton’s criticism of white Americans for “privilege” and “not wanting ‘those people’ in the neighborhood” stands in stark contrast to the personal decisions she has made for herself and her family.

Clinton and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, are residents of Chappaqua, N.Y, a tiny, wealthy town described by The New York Times as “a hamlet in a woodsy setting” with “expensive cars at every turn in the road.” (The Clintons bought their mansion in town for $1.7 million in 1999.)

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the population of Chappaqua is 1.9 percent black.

Specifically, exactly 28 of the 1,436 people in the affluent enclave identify as black.

By way of comparison, the overall population of the United States is 13.2 percent black.

During her time as a White House resident, the former first lady and her husband Bill Clinton sent their daughter, Chelsea, to Sidwell Friends School, the same posh private school in Washington, D.C. which the Obama daughters now attend. Tuition per student is currently $36,264 per year. (RELATED: The School Lunches Malia And Sasha Eat Vs. The Crap Michelle Obama Has Foisted On America)

The Washington, D.C. public schools which Clinton shunned for her own daughter currently enroll a student population that is 67 percent black (and just 12 percent white).

Back in 1992, then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton came under fire for playing golf several times at The Country Club of Little Rock, a private, all-white, antebellum-esque private club for the aristocracy of the Arkansas state capital.

“A guy asked me to play nine holes of golf,” Clinton said at the time, according to the Times. “It was the only place we had time to play. I should not have done it.”

Little Rock is currently home to a couple dozen golf courses.

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