Liberals Smear Jindal With Racial Taunts After Presidential Announcement

Derek Hunter Contributor
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As soon as Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced he was running for president, progressive comedians pulled out the long knives to smear him with racist taunts.

Jindal, son of immigrants from India, during his announcement said, “And I’m done with all this talk about hyphenated Americans. We are not Indian-Americans, Irish-Americans, African-Americans, rich Americans, or poor Americans — we are all Americans.”

That was too much for many, particularly Indian comedians associated with progressive websites. They took to Twitter to attack.

The left-wing Huffington Post contributor Suprateek Chatterjee tweeted:

Brooklyn comedian, Hari Kondabolu tweeted:

Actor Aasif Mandi tweeted:

BuzzFeed’s senior foreign editor Anup Kaphle tweeted: