Trump Would Ditch His Hair-Do If Elected President

James Longley Contributor
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A typical question for presidential candidates is what he/she would do differently if elected.

Trump in jest responded, “I would probably comb my hair back. Why? Because this thing is too hard to comb. I wouldn’t have time because if I were in the White House, I’d be working my ass off.”

Donald Trump’s unmistakable hairdo has long been a symbol of the outspoken real estate tycoon.

Trump revealed his potential hairstyle change On Saturday night when he spoke to a crowd of approximately 200 at Winterset High School in Iowa. The event was the Madison County Republicans Roundup Dinner, The Des Moines Register reports.

The crowd enjoyed the bombastic billionaire’s casual commentary on current events, ranging from his remarks on illegal immigrants to the Supreme Court’s latest rulings.

“I love the Mexican people, but we want strong borders. People want a border. They want to stop the illegals from coming in. And I’m the only one who says it like it is.”

He referred to this past week as “horrendous for the Supreme Court” and its two major rulings legalizing same-sex marriage and upholding the Affordable Care Act.

However, the comments about his hair stole the show.

Many have long suspected that much preparation and attention has gone into making the unkempt hairstyle on a daily basis. Trump rarely speaks about his do despite the attention that it garners.

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