Begala: Potential Biden 2016 Candidacy ‘Enormously Formidable’ To Hillary [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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CNN commentator and Hillary Clinton backer Paul Begala warned the former secretary of state against a potential 2016 primary challenge from Vice President Joe Biden, who is currently weighing a potential bid.

Appearing on “New Day,” Begala told co-host Chris Cuomo that a Biden 2016 run would be “enormously formidable” to Clinton’s chances of winning the Democratic nomination, adding further that “this is the American presidency, we don’t give it away.”

Begala, who now serves as a senior advisor to a pro-Hillary Super PAC, told Cuomo that while he would not change allegiances, Biden would be “a fantastic president” if elected.

“She’s way ahead now, but this will be a close race. We have no idea if the vice president is going to run. He is a beloved figure in my party, and for good reason. The president did a wonderful thing in choosing him to be the vice president,” Begala said. “I certainly believe he’d be a fantastic president, a great president.”

“You saying you’d shift allegiance if he got in the race?” Cuomo asked the former Bill Clinton aide.

“Oh no, no. I’m for Hillary all the way. She’s going to win, you watch. But I’m saying it’s going to be a tougher road than early polls indicate,” Begala said. “And the vice president, should he decide to get in, he’d be enormously formidable. This is the American presidency, we don’t give it away. Nor do we give away the Democratic nominations.

“I love Hillary, but she is going to fight for this,” Begala said. “This is why I’m so impressed with how she’s running her campaign.  She’s not taking anything for granted. she’s going out town to town, neighborhood to neighborhood, vote to voter to voter, and that’s the only way to win.”