Online Greek Bailout CrowdFund Effort Raises Over €1 Million

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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A crowd-funding effort on Indiegogo titled “Greek Bailout Fund” has raised over €1 million over the past three days from the donations of over 60,000 people.

The effort is ran by Thom Feeney, a 29-year-old from Britain who currently works in a shoe shop. He hasn’t been in contact with the Greek government, but promises all profits will go to the Greek people.

He uses the phrase “profits”, as users are encouraged to donate by purchasing various Greek goods such as a feta salad, or a bottle of wine.

A FAQ on the site asks, “How can the Greek government accept your money?” His response, “That’s one for IndieGoGo to help me with! [Though] I suspect that there’ll be plenty of people, better qualified than I am, that would be willing to help.”

Indiegogo’s CEO Slava Rubin released a statement regarding this saying, “Once the campaign reaches its goal, Indiegogo will collaborate with the campaigner to get in touch with Greek authorities and determine the best way to transfer the funds to the Greek government.”

As of writing this article, €1,092,209 has been raised, which is 0.068% of the €1,600,000,000 goal. As the fund has a fixed goal, all contributors will be refunded if it falls short.

The fundraising effort lasts for six more days and if you are feeling generous you can give here.

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Alex Pfeiffer