7 Mind-Boggling UFO Stories In Celebration Of World UFO Day [PHOTOS]

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July 2 is the annual internationally celebrated World UFO Day! And for your convenience, WorldUFODay.com has published a holiday brochure, complete with lightyears of history on Unearthly/Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), a list of extraterrestrial activities and various purchasable DVDs that are guaranteed to help you prove that UFOs really do exist.

To top it off, The Daily Caller has decided to bring you some of the world’s most mind-boggling, Earth-shaking stories of UFO encounters throughout history, all compiled from the very reputable source, Wikipedia.


No. 7: The Cash-Landrum Incident: Just A Couple Grandmas BLISTERED With Radiation Poisoning From Mysterious Flying Bright Light

The Cash-Landraum Incident

A Digital Recreation of the Cash-Landrum Incident [SOURCE: YouTube/UFOCaseReview]

On the night of Dec. 29, 1980, Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and Colby Landrum (Vickie’s young grandson) were driving home from dinner on an isolated road in the woods when they saw a bright light coming from behind the trees.

Initially they thought it was an airplane landing at the nearby Houston airport. But after a couple minutes, the light had turned into an enormous diamond-shaped object that was hovering at tree level and emitting so much heat that it made their car hot to the touch.

The three watched the unidentified hovercraft for about 20 minutes until it disappeared into the zenith of the night sky. That night when they all went home, all three got very ill with the same symptoms.

Upon examination, it was determined that Cash and both Landrum’s were poisoned by extreme amounts of ionized radiation — which confirmed their belief that what they saw was a UFO.


No. 6: The Emilcin Abduction: Naked And Eating Icicles With Green Aliens? Oh, That’s A Typical Evening On This Farm 

Monument of the Emicilin Abduction

A Monument that Commemorates the Emicilin Abduction [SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons]

Jan Wolski, a farmer from Emilcin, Poland reports to have been abducted by extraterrestrial creatures in May of 1978.

Wolski said that while he was driving a horse-drawn carriage, two “short, green-faced humanoid entities” that stood at about five feet tall jumped on his cart and started speaking an incomprehensible language.

Wolski originally thought they were just foreigners, until the creatures drove his cart — with him inside of it — aboard what the farmer said resembled saucers.

Aboard the aircraft, Wolski claimed that he was forced to strip down naked and then was offered a snack that looked like an icicle.


No. 5: The Travis Walton Case: And Polygraph Tests Say That They’re Telling The Truth About Everything

Travis Walton

Scene From The Film Based on Walton’s Story, “Fire In The Sky,” Where Travis Was Struck With A Beam And Lifted From The Ground [SOURCE: YouTube/Manfonse]

In Nov. 1975, 22-year-old Travis Walton was finishing a long workday of logging in Arizona when he and his colleagues saw a bright yellow light emerging from behind a hilltop.

When they drew closer, they saw an enormous gold disk hovering over the hill. Walton jumped out and ran toward the purported UFO despite his friends’ reluctance. Then his co-workers report that the disk began making noise and wobbling, Walton halted in front of the object and then a blue/green laser struck Walton.

Allegedly, the laser lifted Walton a foot in the air, stretched out his arms and legs and flipped him on his back. He then was lifted another 10 feet before being dropped back on the ground.

Walton’s friends called law enforcement and their employer who all said the co-workers seemed legitimately traumatized by the incident. Following that night’s search for Walton, the witnesses to his disappearance were subjugated to a polygraph test, and they all tested positive for telling the complete truth.


No. 4: The Lady Mutilation Case: How Else Could A Horse Be Beheaded & Skinned Without ANY Bloodshed?!

Lady Mutilation

Pueblo, CO Newspaper Articles Covering The Horse’s Dismemberment [SOURCE: YouTube/Adam Knapik]

In 1967 Pueblo, Colorado, a local newspaper broke a story about a horse named Lady who was “mutilated” quite mysteriously.

Lady’s owners, Agnes and Harry King, found their three-year-old horse dead, having been skinned, defleshed and beheaded.

However despite the gruesome image, the Kings reported that there was no blood at the scene. In fact, Harry reported that the barn smelled “medicinal,” as though chemicals were in the air.

Lady’s mutilation was the first of a string of cases in which livestock animals were mysteriously chopped up in the same manner, leading people to believe that it was the work of aliens and UFOs trying to gather genetic information from earth creatures.


No. 3: Dyatlov Pass: Coroners Have NO ANSWER For How These 9 Skiers Wound Up Bruised, Beaten … And Dead

Dylatov Pass

One Of The Victims Found In The Dylatov Pass Case [SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons]

In the late 1950s, nine Nordic skiers in the Russian Ural Mountains were found dead, but experts were never been able to provide a reasonable explanation for their deaths. One skier survived.

Purportedly, the skiers ripped their tents from the inside to escape from a threat of some kind. Although some were barefoot and the climate was a piercing cold with heavy snowfall, coroners’ examinations ruled that the skiers did not die from anything related to the cold.

Two of the victims had fractured skulls and broken ribs, but their bodies showed no indication of a struggle. The coroners ruled their deaths as caused by an “unknown compelling force.”

However, the one survivor reported to have seen “glowing orbs” in the sky that night — leading speculators to theorize that the glow was a UFO and the force that killed the Russian skiers was some form of extraterrestrial life.


No. 2: President Jimmy Carter: It’s Not Everyday That U.S. Presidents Have EXTRATERRESTRIAL Hecklers During A Speech  

President Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter [SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons]

In 1969, former President Jimmy Carter reported that he had seen a UFO while in Leary, Ga. — later filing an official report of the incident with ufologists (professionals who study UFOs).

Carter described seeing an object lurking behind a cluster of pine trees that was “as bright as the moon” while gearing up to give a speech for his gubernatorial race. Over a ten minute time period, the UFO changed colors from white to blue, blue to red, and red to white before suddenly disappearing into the background.

Carter told ufologists that he believed he observed a UFO that was “self luminous” but not solid in nature. The former president also confirmed that about twelve other people witnessed the UFO sighting with him.


No. 1: The Meng Zhaoguo Case: Yes, He Had SEX With A 10-Foot, Six-Fingered, Furry-Legged Girl Alien

Meng Abduction

A Photo Of Meng Zhaogou Prior To His Alien Abduction [SOURCE: YouTube/Simmonique]

In 1994, a Chinese man named Meng was chasing after what he originally thought to be a weather balloon. He had seen a white, shiny object floating through Red Flag Forest and wanted to follow it.

Upon catching up the mysterious object, Meng discovered that it was a spacecraft that was being guarded by six-fingered aliens who stood at nearly 10 feet tall.

According to Meng, the aliens then kidnapped him and brought them onto their space station, claiming that their homeland was the planet Mars.

Then a female alien with “braided leg fur” allegedly forced Meng to have sexual intercourse before releasing him again.

However the following month, Meng reported a second kidnapped from his home in which the same aliens took him for a quick trip to see Mars.


Hopefully these stories of REAL witness testimonies from UFO sightings and alien encounters has reminded you to keep an extra watchful eye for extraterrestrial invaders and space locomotives. We hope you have a fun and freaky (out-of-this) World UFO Day!

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