George Lopez On Donald Trump: ‘There Are Enough Racists In This Country For Him To Get Elected’ [VIDEO]

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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George Lopez thinks Donald Trump could be America’s next president, but only because there are enough racists in the country to vote for him.

When a reporter asked the 54-year-old actor if he would consider hosting “Celebrity Apprentice” because NBC reportedly wants its next host to be a minority, Lopez said Latinos are no longer a minority.

“You know how many Latinos are in the United States? I think you better check your stats,” Lopez said. “We’re the largest square majority.”

Lopez was born in California.

“Look I’m not Donald Trump’s secondhand citizen so I don’t think so. Those comments are vile in any civilized society, but there’s freedom of speech. I don’t particularly like what he’s saying, but there is a right to say that.”

“Immigrants come from all over the world, not just a hole in a fence in Mexico. I’m going to boycott his golf course, but like he cares. He has so much money.”

When asked if Trump could win the presidential election, Lopez said yes.

“There’s enough racists in this country for him to get elected.”