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#NotAllMuslims Plot To Attack France Again

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Must be a day ending in “y.”

Associated Press:

The Paris prosecutor’s office says three young men arrested this week in a plot to attack a military base were in contact with an Islamic State group jihadi who told them to “strike in France.”

The prosecutor’s statement said the suspects, who were arrested Monday but have not yet been charged, told investigators they planned a late December or early January attack on the Mediterranean military post Fort Bear, where the 23-year-old Djebril A., a former Marine, once worked. The two others, identified as Ismael K., 17, and Antoine F., 19, said the plan was to decapitate the base chief — a plot that Djebril denied.

Well, it takes time to iron out all the details. Decapitate, don’t decapitate… You think these decisions are easy?

Oh, and earlier this week there was a successful terrorist attack in France. Probably just a coincidence. It always is.

(Hat tip: Ace)