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Expert: America ‘Doing Next To Nothing’ About China’s Growing Power

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A China military expert believes America may “pay a price in blood for the negligence” to constrain the Asian state as it moves towards global dominance.

He sees no one in the White House or the Congress demonstrating leadership as the troubling signs emerge, nor does he have faith in so-called “business perspectives” on China.

Rick Fisher, a senior fellow with the International Assessment and Strategy Center, has been researching the Chinese military threats for some twenty years through think tanks and working on Capitol Hill.

Fisher details the story of President Obama beginning his China relationship with the country’s premier in 2009 “profoundly confused” and to Hillary Clinton’s “pivot to Asia.” Fisher says the Obama/Clinton China policy has “petered out. It was underfunded, fraught with contradictions and the Chinese have ignored us. They are on the march in the South China Sea and many other places because we have not said stop.”

In sum, Fisher says America has been ignoring and underestimating China for decades now, as they have been working a plan for global dominance. In this 29 minute exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Fisher details troubling trends of China using economic clout to build political clout and then seek military advantage. Beyond epic cyber espionage and hacking, he lists specific Chinese activities in our hemisphere, including nine canal programs and ten port and airport programs throughout Latin America.

America has been utterly feckless in slowing or stopping the hegemonic activities of China in the South China Sea that would enable them to choke off 40 percent of all global shipping. For 30 years, China has been pursuing an innovative and strategic position in the South China Sea. The analyst calling attention to this development has gone unheeded, and he shows a new warhead and Chinese maps of this area in this video.

“We are doing next to nothing.”

The stakes to continuing to misread and slow down China, he says, are “enormous.”

China’s holding a large percentage of our national debt. Fisher believes they have used this leverage to “subject us to regular coercion” and “this will increase.” China is on the path to writing the rules and dictating power relationships to the U.S. We have “frittered away America’s benevolent global speaking dominance” since the end of the cold war.

From a recent speech by Carly Fiorina calling China “our rising adversary”, Fisher sees the first candidate speaking truthfully about the findings of his professional life’s research.

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