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I Wasn’t Sure What To Think Of The Iran Deal Until I Listened To Jack Black

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He’s got a Frisbee, and he’s not afraid to use it.

Here’s something called “Jack Black and Morgan Freeman Drop the Mic on the #IranDeal,” from a no-nukes organization called Global Zero:

We can’t trust Iran. Let’s trust Iran!

It would be nice if everybody got along. It would be nice if the people who scream “Death to America!” were just kidding. It would be nice if Iran wasn’t hellbent on wiping Israel off the map. It would be nice if tonedeaf, foul-mouthed YouTube videos could stop bad guys from doing bad things. Denying reality makes the bad things go away, until suddenly it doesn’t.

Still, this is the funniest thing Jack Black has done since School of Rock. The Frisbee bit was ad-libbed, right? Dude is hilarious.