Illegal Alien Attempts To Chew Off Fingerprints After Arrest

(Photo: Scott Davidson/Creative CommonsFlickr)

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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A 20-year old Jamaican national in the U.S. illegally tried to conceal his identity after his arrest in Lee County, Florida last Wednesday by attempting to chew off his own fingerprints.

According to WPTV, Lee County Sheriff’s Office says that detectives pulled over Kenzo Roberts, who was driving a stolen 2015 Mercedes. After further examination, law enforcement found that Roberts had a fake ID, a concealed firearm, and three fraudulent credit cards.

During his detainment in the police cruiser, video shows Roberts gnawing at his own fingerprints and rubbing them against the cage. However, the fingerprint scanner, WPTV notes, captured his prints and identified him. It was later discovered that Broward County had two felony warrants out for his arrest for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.