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Piers Morgan Tells Bobbi Kristina’s Relatives To ‘Shut The F–k Up’

Reuters/Eddie Keogh

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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With the recent death of Whitney Houston‘s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, comes advice from Daily Mail‘s Piers Morgan: How about you all “shut up” for a change? In his words: “The single best tribute that any of this family can now pay to Whitney and Bobbi Kristina is to shut the **** up.”

In a column, Morgan recalled covering the 2012 death of Houston, who, just like Bobbi Kristina, died in a bath tub. Authorities ruled cocaine and heart disease as the primary contributors to Houston’s death. In Brown’s case, media reports indicate that she used cocaine, heroin and Xanax.

“We watched family members bitterly accusing each other of all manner of nefarious activity; friends, and pretend friends, of the late singer trading insults over who knew her best,” he wrote. “It all struck me then as just one desperately sad circus.”

Fast forward to the “gaudy gold funeral hearse” for Bobby Kristina, which Morgan watched with dripping, seething, disdain.

“There were the same crowds, same banners, same cops, same paparazzi, same TV networks,” he wrote. “All in their own way feeding off it like eager vultures dive-bombing a dead gazelle’s carcass.”

Once again he saw the arguing family members, which he labeled “blood-thirsty leaches” and concluded that the scene all amounted to “heartless bulls**t.”