Boxer: Planned Parenthood Videos ‘Not Really’ A Problem [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Sen. Barbara Boxer of California appeared on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” Friday and pooh-poohed the recently released videos of horrifying statements made by Planned Parenthood employees, saying they are “not really” a problem.

When Andrea Mitchell asked if the videos discussing fetal tissue are worrisome for Planned Parenthood supporters, Boxer deflected, saying, “This attack is just a smoke screen.”

Andrea Mitchell: We have to acknowledge that, however badly those tapes were edited out of context, there were some really casual and dismissive comments, uh, disturbing comments, to say the least, about fetal tissue — fetal tissue for which they do not get money …

Sen. Boxer: Right.

Mitchell: … They only reimbursement of the cost for the lab work. This is a problem, is it not, for the movement, for those who support Planned Parenthood?

Boxer: Well, not really, because here’s the deal. We’ve had fetal tissue research going on since the ’30s. It’s why we have a polio vaccine. And this attack is just a smoke screen. It’s all about Planned Parenthood. It’s not about fetal tissue research.