Though Months Late, DNC Still Plans To Release Autopsy

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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CLEVELAND — The Democratic National Committee still hasn’t released its full report examining what went wrong in the 2014 elections, but chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz says they still plan to make it public.

In a brief interview with The Daily Caller in the spin room after Thursday night’s Republican debate, the Florida Democrat said the party would release it “soon.”

In February, the national party released a preliminary nine-page report, saying its Democratic Victory Task Force final recommendations would be made public by mid-2015, something that has not happened yet.

“In May of 2015 the Task Force — in partnership with the Democratic National Committee — will release a strategic plan to guide the Party’s efforts through the 2022 elections,” the preliminary report said.

Wasserman Schultz was tight-lipped when asked why it has been delayed. “So that we get it right,” she told TheDC.

The Republican National Committee, which released an autopsy report of their own after the 2012 race, has been seeking to draw attention to the fact that the DNC has missed it’s deadline for release.

On Thursday, when the Democrats were having a press conference in Cleveland ahead of the debate, RNC press aides were seen handing out fake “2014 DNC Autopsy” packets to reporters. Inside the packet were blank pages.

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