Black Lives Matter Organizer: Hillary Is Part Of The Problem [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

Daunasia Yancey — a field organizer for #BlackLivesMatter — told MSNBC’s Frances Rivera on Wednesday that when meeting with movement organizers, Hillary Clinton refused to elaborate her “personal involvement in perpetuating violence against black people.”

YANCEY: What we were looking for was a reflection on her and her family’s involvement in those policies, that are inherently anti-black, and the perpetuation of white supremacist violence. The Clintons hold a unique spot and have more, have had more influence than most other people in the world, and especially her out of all the candidates has had more influence over those policies than anyone else…

RIVERA: Do you think she didn’t quite understand what you were looking for?

YANCEY: I think she absolutely understood the question that was asked, but again, like I said yesterday, we did receive a political answer that was based in acknowledging some of the failures of the policies but again not her personal involvement in perpetuating violence against black people.

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