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Rosie O’Donnell Cannot Shut Up About Donald Trump

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The feud between bigmouth Rosie O’Donnell and GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump continues to fester.

And it’s getting bloody.

As O’Donnell fights off Trump fans on her Twitter feed, she can’t contain herself.

Take SiriusXM host and ex-MSNBCer Abby Huntsman, who drew Rosie’s ire with a simple remark about Trump’s high entertainment value.

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On Wednesday night, Rosie snapped, “Entertaining? WTF.”

She retweeted a report that women are live tweeting their periods at Trump.

Rosie also pushed a documentary film involving the lack of sanitary napkins in India.

“In honor of womens periods – lets all watch – an astounding doc about a brilliant man and blood #wherever,” she wrote.

Their feud dates back to 2006. Despite Rosie insisting that Trump has bullied her more than anyone else in her life, she absolutely started the fight.