Florida State Football Will Make Players Take ‘Off-Field Behavior’ Classes

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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With the litany of disciplinary issues the Florida State Seminoles have faced this past off-season, athletic director Stan Wilcox and head coach Jimbo Fisher have decided to forcibly enroll every member of the team in “off-field behavior” courses starting this fall.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the class, “will incorporate some of what has already been in place, such as bringing in guest speakers, along with dealing with the biggest issues facing young adults like domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse.” (RELATED: Former FSU Quarterback Punches Woman In The Face In Tallahassee Bar [VIDEO])

“We feel that when it’s a course the individual has to invest more into it as opposed to when it’s an expert coming in talking to the kids,” said Wilcox. “They’ll touch a good portion of them but there will be a time they won’t get to some kids and then that person is gone. If it’s a course that’s required the kids have to be vested in it and they have to get more out of it.” (RELATED: Former FSU QB… “She Called Me A N****r” [VIDEO])

Though mandatory for athletes, the course will also be open to all other members of the student body.

[h/t: Palm Beach Post]

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