Fiorina: ‘I Absolutely’ Believe Hillary Purposefully Lied About Benghazi [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter

Carly Fiorina blasted Hillary Clinton for deliberately lying about the Benghazi terrorist attack, instead sticking to the the truth and saying it was a “purposeful, preplanned terrorist attack.”

Fiorina, whose comments were release by NBC ahead of his full interview on “Meet the Press” this Sunday with Chuck Todd stated that despite the fact that Hillary is a “hard working woman” who has dedicated herself to public service,” she has lied about “Benghazi, her emails, her server.”

Chuck Todd: Do you still have great admiration and respect for Hillary Clinton?

Carly Fiorina:  In many ways I do. She is a hard working woman, she is an intelligent woman. She has dedicated herself to public service. It is also true however, that she is not trustworthy. That she had lied about some key things, Benghazi, her emails, her server. And she doesn’t have a track record…

Todd: Lying is a big charge. Do we, do you know, why do you know she is lying?

Fiorina: Oh for heavens sakes. The night of the Benghazi attacks, we now know that the State Department and the White House knew that this was a purposeful, preplanned terrorist attack. Nevertheless, the next morning she went into the State Department and she addressed the American people and talked about a video that did not represent the values of this nation. Several days later, she said the same thing over the bodies of the fallen. What she should have said was that this was a purposeful terrorist attack and we will seek retribution.

Todd: Do you believe she purposely lied?

Fiorina: Absolutely, I do.


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