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Politico Finally Adds Estrogen To Its Playbook Monopoly

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Politico now has a Playbook in Massachusetts.

If you somehow missed this bonanza, Playbook now exists in Europe, Florida, New York and New Jersey. The latest addition is Massachusetts by Lauren Dezenski, who studied journalism at Boston University and has worked at a number of pubs in Massachusetts, including the Cape Cod Times, Boston Globe and Dorchester Reporter.

Until now, there have been no women at the helm of any of the Playbooks.

Are men the only ones capable of organizing a notebook of news, Politico articles, birthdays, engagements and other assorted crap?

Politico‘s track record with placing women in prominent positions has improved over the years. But the fact that it needed improving made things tough. Be it male dominance, bad optics or whatever the problem was, women there are now on the up and up. With John Harris now focused on Europe, since last year they’ve had a female editor, Susan Glasser, as well as other women in top posts such as COO Kim Kingsley, and Executive VP of Expansion Danielle Jones.

Still peculiar is why they don’t have Glasser and Jones positioned in the top section of their masthead where the ratio of men to women is 5:1.

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To be honest, the debut edition felt a little scattered with a dizzying hodge-podge of random topics such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren and the Red Sox.

The good news: Nowhere to go than up from here.