Cruz Trumps Megyn Kelly’s ‘Mainstream Media, Liberal’ Questions [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Sen. Ted Cruz rebuked Megyn Kelly for asking the same type of questions “mainstream media, liberal journalists” ask during Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Kelly File” on Fox News.

KELLY: That doesn’t sound like an answer. Mr. Trump answered that question explicitly last night on “The O’Reilly Factor.” Will you do so now? … Unlike you, you’re dodging my question. You don’t want to answer —

CRUZ: No, no, I —

KELLY: He said he would. Donald Trump? They’re all gone —

CRUZ: Megyn, I’m not playing that game —

KELLY: Under his policy, what would a President Cruz do? Do the two American citizen children of two illegal immigrants, who are born here, the children. Do they get deported under a President Cruz?

CRUZ: Megyn, I get that that’s the question you want to ask. That’s also the question that every mainstream media, liberal journalist wants to ask —

KELLY: Is it an unfair question?

CRUZ: It is a distraction.


[h/t: The Hill]

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