Not Guilty Verdict In Prep School Rape Trial [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Owen Labrie , an eighteen year old graduate of the St. Paul School in New Hampshire accused of raping a 15-year-old freshman girl was acquitted of aggravated felony sexual assault but convicted of misdemeanor sex charges.

Labrie was charged with nine counts in total. Five guilty verdicts and four not guilty verdicts. Three of the charges were felony charges of assault and six misdemeanor counts.


  • Not guilty on aggravated felony sexual assault
  • Not guilty on simple assault
  • Guilty for using a computer to induce a relationship
  • Guilty on 3 counts of misdemeanor assault

The unnamed plaintiff accused Labrie of raping her as part of the “Senior Salute” in an attic room of a St. Paul’s School academic building a few days before Labrie’s graduation.


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