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Ex-Trump Advisor: ‘Pay For P***y? Never’

To be sure, Roger Stone, the 63-year-old snappy dressing, white-haired former advisor to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, is denying that he signed up for an Ashley Madison account.

But he has no real explanation for why his name surfaced in the dump.

Considering he has no understanding of how Ashley Madison works, Stone’s explanation might be plausible. He claims he has never paid for sex and would never do so. Of course that’s not what Ashley Madison is all about — it’s really a venue for cheating on your spouse.

“No verification-no credit card info -no activity – whole thing is bogus,” Stone told The Mirror.

He was even more pointed with GossipExtra, an entertainment site run by Jose Lamblet. “Funny. Never had one (an Ashley Madison experience),” Stone said. “The next time I pay for sex will be the first time. I’m a proud libertine. Make no bones about it. But pay a lady for sex or finance a ‘girlfriend?’ Not my style. Many political detractors know my email. Bogus.

“I’ve certainly lived an unconventional life style but pay for pussy ? Never.”

Stone was reportedly fired and quit from the Trump campaign last month. He says he quit. Trump says he was fired.

Full disclosure: Stone is an occasional columnist for The Daily Caller. 

See the search result for Stone’s email in the Ashley Madison dump below.

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