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EXCLUSIVE! Breitbart News Exclusively Falls For Fiorina Media Hoax

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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You receive an email from a ailing Nigerian prince. You a) Ignore it. b) Answer him. Send him money. He’s a Nigerian prince, after all. He could be charming. Maybe he helps you on a story down the road. c) Are you insane? and d) Please stop wasting my time.

If you’re Breitbart News‘s Matthew Boyle you pick b.

GOP Presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina pulled a fast one on at least a handful of media outlets with conservative readers Tuesday as she thanked a variety of readers for convincing CNN to let her appear in the upcoming debate.

Except it wasn’t exclusive at all. Fiorina sent the same message to The Daily Caller, National Review, Townhall, and yeah, Breitbart News.

Boyle immediately went up with an EXCLUSIVE headline that reads as follows:

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Oh, and he went on and on and on.

“Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, a GOP presidential candidate, is crediting Breitbart News and its readers for being the key difference maker in getting her into the next presidential debate as the Republican National Committee (RNC) and CNN have cracked as CNN just changed its debate criteria.”

A key difference maker, really? He gets spammed and Breitbart readers are suddenly key difference makers? Let that sink in.

Boyle even posted Fiorina’s spam: “’Thank you Breitbart readers for getting the message out and keeping the pressure on,’ Fiorina told Breitbart News on Tuesday afternoon in response to the news.”

Let’s be clear. Fiorina’s email was so impersonal that she even sent it to individual journalists, giving them full responsibility for helping to persuade CNN to start giving her the respect she wants.

“YOU DID IT!” her campaign wrote to a Washington journalist who showed the email to The Mirror.

The email read, “We have great news to share. CNN announced earlier today that they are changing their criteria for participation in the prime time debate on September 16th to average surveys since the last debate.” And then in bold: “This is only the case because of you.”

Later in the piece, Boyle credited Breitbart News once again.

Because why not?

“Back on August 26, Breitbart News first broke the story that the criteria put forth by the elders at CNN might exclude Fiorina because of old polling data that is no longer relevant being included in the mix to decide who’s in the top 10 and who’s not.”

A day later, Breitbart News has no update or correction as to what happened there.

In another recent display of Breitbart smarts, Boyle botched the names of the journalists in Roanoke who were shot to death during an early morning broadcast.

Congratulations, Breitbart.