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5 Dumbest Tweets Of The Week

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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And now for the dumbest part of the week…

5. BuzzFeed reporter wants to grow an avocado in his stomach

“Sometimes when sucking the guac off of the avocado pit I secretly hope I swallow it and so I can grow an avocado tree in my stomach.” — Samir Mezrahi, BuzzFeed.

4. Media Matters fellow has no business calling anyone else a goofball

“Even that daily caller goofball who yelled at obama in the rose garden didn’t get hustled out by the Secret Service.” — Oliver Willis, opining on Jorge Ramos getting thrown out of Donald Trump’s press conference.

3. Sharing pointless life details should be grounds for removing a person’s Twitter account 

“Power washed the deck. May have used too much power …” — National Journal serial tweeter Ron Fournier, who even ridiculously included a picture.

2. Strange confessionals are just that — strange

“My head is huge.” — Maxim‘s deputy digital editor Jared Keller.

1. Editor is thirsty (SERIOUSLY) 

“I’m so thirsty right now, not in the social media sense but in the literal sense of needing fluids in my body.” — Chris Ziegler, deputy editor, Verge.