Trump Has Best Name ID Among Drunk AC/DC Concert Fans

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appears to have the best name ID among some AC/DC fans at a recent concert of the rock band one “Howard Stern Show” interviewer found out this week.

When asked who was running for the presidency in 2016, one man admitted to having a “couple of beers” before he says, “There’s only one and that’s Donald Trump.”

Another woman immediately said, “Trump,” and then went on to say, “That Ben guy that I hear is pretty f***ing funny. That’s all I got, I think.”

She later went on to say, “Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, some chick, and some other f**k somewhere. I don’t know.”

Another man asked about who was running simply said, “Trump. That’s about it.”

Finally, one man mentioned a name that was not running for the presidency, but Trump was the first name out of his mouth.

“No wonder Trump is leading in all the polls,” Stern said.  “He’s the only one who anyone knows is Trump. That’s why he’s leading, because nobody knows anybody else’s name.”

However, a recent Gallup tracking poll shows that although Trump, along with Jeb Bush, may be the most well known they are not necessarily the best liked. Gallup reports Sen. Marco Rubio and Ben Carson have that category in their corner.