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Idiotic Ex-Talk Show Host Montel Williams Spends Labor Day Weekend Fighting On Twitter


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The idiocy surrounding Montel Williams knows no bounds.

Continuing with his quest to find relevance in a vacuous Twitter-filled world, the washed up talk show host spent his Labor Day weekend fighting with other idiots on Twitter as well as one of Donald Trump‘s presidential advisors. More formally an “activist,” Montel now spends the bulk of his time on social media debating veterans issues and a whole lot of mindless crap. Every so often his good buddy Don Lemon takes pity on him and invites on his show to discuss assorted topics such as why he detests Trump.

It’s not just that Montel can’t stand him. The hatred courses through his veins.

“Your boss is a POS,” he wrote to Trump presidential advisor Dan Scavino over the weekend.

Seriously. Montel Williams called Donald Trump a piece of shit?

What pray tell would cause Williams to come out with that whopper?

The reason is that Trump had unkind things to say about Fox News contributor Meghan McCain. “Meghan McCain was terrible on @TheFive yesterday,” the presidential contender charged. “Angry and obnoxious, she will never make it on T.V. Fox News can do so much better!”

Montel wasn’t having it. But he has a tough time with punctuation, so who knows why he employs the question mark here: “Donald you are a very wealthy racist low class POS? So maybe focus less on Meghan McCain.”

(Note to readersThe Mirror‘s truce with MW officially came to an ugly end a few weeks ago when Montel went on Twitter and wondered if The Daily Caller accepts money from Trump. In return, he suggested, we give him glowing press.)

Try to insult Montel about his grammar and his spelling, both of which are hideous, and he typically fires back by announcing that he has Multiple Sclerosis. (In other words, how dare you be such a callous human being by making fun of a person with MS?)

Don’t accuse him of being drunk or smoking weed — those are also grounds for MW’s MS announcement. He doesn’t “really” drink on account of his MS. However, he does smoke medical marijuana on account of his MS. So asking, for example, “Are you high?” or “Dude, what are you smoking?” are completely acceptable and accurate comebacks.

Here he responds to a fake Twitter account:

Rep. Steven Smith: “Maybe’s he’s drunk. We’ll see about apologies tomorrow.”

Montel Williams: “Nope, don’t really drink since MS and no apology will be forthcoming – grow up and move on.”

The former talk show host also had thoughts about Trump’s military experience or lack thereof. But don’t expect him to use proper capitalization – don’t forget, he has MS. “Donald trump [sic] is a draft dodging womanizing coward. I should be okay 🙂 thank you for the support m’am,” he wrote.

Other weekend Montelisms on Trump:

  • “He’s a draft doging womanizing coward who’s just a very wealth racist, almost KKK level.”
  • “Donald Trump supporters like him for one reason: he makes it ok for them to be as racist, vlassless [sic], stupidity over simplified as they want [sic]”

Quick question: What is “vlassless?”

Shockingly, Trump’s campaign isn’t fond of Montel, either. They don’t call him a “POS” but they did block him.  On Saturday, Scavino, Trump’s advisor who apparently doesn’t know how to spell “Montel,” wrote, “I don’t like2 ‘block’ anyone. Due to constant trolling, & un-called for annoying attacks @ me 00 I had no choice but2 block Montell [sic] Williams.”

Montel can’t fathom how this happened. He can’t seem to remember calling Trump a piece of shit. “Truly a full moon,” he wrote. “Westboro this morning now the Donald Trump campaign accuses ME of trolling?”

Like any good ex-talk show host on a mission to wring every ounce of his leftover fame out of every pore in his body, he likes to rev up his Twitter audience by telling his enemies to “grow up” as well as suggesting a myriad of things that have no basis in truth.

Everything runs downhill.

Trump’s people are fighting with Montel’s top aide Jonathan Franks, who refers to himself as Montel’s “political director” and “executive producer.”

Frank’s spelling and grammar are as atrocious as his boss’s.

He, too, has medical excuses.

But Scavino isn’t buying any of it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 2.36.02 PM

Franks also issued a stern response to Scavino blocking Montel. “Dan, for the Trump Campaign [sic] to complain about ‘trolling’ is mind blowing. Also, please learn to spell. It’s ‘Montel.'”

As idiotic as he is, I’ve developed a soft spot for Franks. He used to write me these cute emails saying, “I could do without the attitude. …I was nothing but nice to you until you called my boss a media whore.” No matter what dumb thing his boss says, he finds a way to defend it or change the subject. True to his goofy job description, his specialties are “crisis” and “talent.”

Considering the drama on Montel’s Twitter feed, the former most certainly applies.

Unless you consider begging for TV hits talent, the latter is harder to find.